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27 July 2017
Christmas Savings Club

Making that time of year all the better having saved for it

Our Christmas Savings account helps you put a little away each week or month and before you know it, youíll have some extra money to spend at Christmas.

So, whether itís buying Christmas presents, entertaining, travelling, saving for the sales or just covering unexpected expenses during the festive period, opening a Money Matters Christmas Savings account and spreading the cost throughout the year makes good sense.

Saving with us

Christmas come around every year and it can be an expensive time but by saving regularly throughout the year you will be able to enjoy the festive period without the worry of paying unexpected bills in the New Year.

If you are looking for a safe and easy way to save for Christmas, our Christmas Savings account helps you put a little aside each week or month and before you know it, you will have some extra money ready to use at Christmas.

If you are already saving with us, you can choose to set aside some of your regular savings or you can choose to increase your payments specifically for Christmas. The amount you save is up to you and anything you set aside will soon add up - saving just £5 a week for 30 weeks, will build up to £150 towards your Christmas pot! If you don't need it this year, you can keep your savings for next Christmas or move your balance into your share account and continue to save.

Why save with us

Spread the cost of Christmas over the year

As an MMCU member you can save at any time

Flexibility to save - you choose how much and how often, monthly or weekly

Easy ways to save
- Pay in cash or cheques at our Lewsey office or one of our collection points
- Standing order directly from your bank account
- Payroll deduction directly from your salary with your employer's consent

Savings cannot be withdrawn until the end of November so there is no temptation to spend your savings early

Check your balance online

Savings are protected and insured

No hidden transaction charges or fees

Start saving with us today - See the savings section of this website. Call us on 01582 666877. Or visit our Lewsey office or any one of our collection points.

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